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August 25th, 2012, 01:57
Originally Posted by curious View Post
roqua must have predicted this speech and is the real reason behind him not suporting wasteland 2 on kickstarter.
If I remember correctly he stated he wasn’t preordering because he believed the company inXile was being purposely manipulative and showing a lack of integrity by making it seem like Wasteland 2 would be a TB game. He thinks it is going to be a TB/RT hybrid, which means the combat will be watered down and balanced for RT mode and not good. Since you spend an extremely significant amount of time in combat in these games, having a combat system he does not like and would not enjoy or having a combat system he does like and enjoy is important. Why take the chance when you can wait and find out the truth. I guess we’ll see how much integrity companies have versus evil, people-free corporations.

Oh, and I think he said the money he was going to donate to Wasteland 2 he decided to donate to little sick black babies in Africa. But the corporations will be proud of your choice to greedily spend money on selfish video game products instead of helping the sick black babies in Africa. That was a good call on your part.
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