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August 25th, 2012, 09:56
It does not work that way. Stretch goals are not coupled to the costs of productions as a first concern: they are conceived to make the best out of backers.

Backers come loosely as two groups: hardcore backers who pledge from first days and late term backers.

Usually, the latter are less numerous than the former but much more inclined to throw in bucks. The latter will join en masse if the "final" offer looks good.

The best strategy is manage well the fluxes of backers to achieve a set funding target.

During the kickstarter days (save the last week), incentives must be extremelly attractive so that hardcore backers give the most as they are ready to do that. They will make huge pledges and build the final offer.
During the last few days, the raw numbers of new backers who consider the final offer appealing will keep the momentum through numerous smaller pledges.

A good example of that is the Reaper miniatures KS: the final offer was built by a core of 3000 backers who kept increasing their pledges (going from $60 to something like $300) In the final days, backers flow increased violently going threefold and pledging for a lot the mid offer($100) Thanks to hardcore backers, this offer went from offering 61 minis at start to nearly 200 minis right now.

Best KS success I followed. Very well managed.
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