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August 25th, 2012, 10:13
I didnt mean to imply that there was a legal implication for them to include or compensate the modders. I do feel that, going forward, there is a bit of an ethical consideration. As more and more companies rerelease decade+ old products, do they possibly owe anything to the modders who have kept their games alive? I'm not thinking of bank-breaking stuff either, offer the modders a credit and a tiny royalty. I bet 99% of modders would jump at that, and the ones who don't, fuck em, you do have your legal protection. Either way, what about the customers? Why would you release a decade-old game knowing that half the purchasers are either going to mod it on day one, or complain in the forums about all the broken shit? All I'm asking is, at what point do we cross from *pretend mod doesnt exist* to *have customer support create a walkthrough for installing unofficial patch which fix the thousands of bugs we were too cheap to fix*..? I think that if the community is so passionate about games that they, with no regard to personal cost, want to support these games into eternity, that is fine and awesome. I also think that, as more and more publishers release sometimes 20+ year old games for various systems, they should consider… fixing (by whatever means available to them) all the stuff that was broken, so that new customers don't have to slog through the same crap we did!
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