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August 25th, 2012, 11:05
They probably don't think it's worth all the paperwork (legal work etc) / time / costs, unfortunately.

Originally Posted by purpleblob View Post
A bit off topic, but has anyone bought KotOR1 on steam and played it on Win 7?

I had horrible experience with copy I bought at EB breaking my WinXP PC so I'm quite cautious this time. I do want to try this game since many people go on about how good it is.
Had much worse experience with KOTOR2 on Win7 than with KOTOR1. It was a lot more problematic to get widescreen working too.. Like always with Obsidian they seem to "break" the engines (FO:NV is buggier and runs worse than FO3 too).. I didnt have any problems with KOTOR1 (steam), at least not that i can recall.
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