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August 25th, 2012, 15:15
Originally Posted by qpqpqp View Post
How bizarre. It seems as though they just waited until the Restoration mod was finished to release it. But then they don't include the mod (and compensate the modders) in the retail product? Does customer support for this game consist of people suggesting they install the unofficial patch?
Obsidian wanted to include all stuff that was cut off in the game patch, but LucasArts said - no. We'll never know if LucasArts planned something else for it.

Imagine if that game was released today instead of ages ago. HK factory maps and story would be released as separate DLC. Maybe even the character himself like partymember NPCs in Bioware's games. I bet in DA3 you'll play just the main hero and if you want a party member you'll have to pay 10-20$ for DLC about that member, and then 10-20$ for another, etc. Since Kotor2 is not a CDprojekt's game, it would be an expensive DLC. So in a way, it turned out good. A story with a happyend.
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