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August 25th, 2012, 15:00
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I had a similar thought on my first KS donation, which was W2. Then I came to my senses. Donations are helping people create the product they dream of creating (at least theoretically), be in the line of work they want for months or years to come. It makes it possible for huge crowds to have access to products that are no longer being created. It isn't only about the end product, unless perhaps you stick to the first tier which is basically a pre-order and not a donation at all.

Oh and if he donates to a cause in Africa as a result of the Inxile kickstarter, out of spite, then I say part of the credit for that donation goes to Inxile
I donít understand what the issue is. If a company isnít being clear on a vital and major system of the game they are creating, and a possible donator/funder is wary of the corporationís or companyís integrity, why should s/he donate? To help the dreams come true of the people who are trying to possibly manipulate him or her to increase funding and profit? Where does spite fit in?

And in what crazy world is donating to a videogame on par with helping sick black babies? No one dies without video games, but the little sick black babies will die without our help. Just think of the good we could do if every cent spent on video games went to helping the needy, and every second people spent playing videogames was instead spent creating a better, kinder, fairer, greener, and gentler world. The next time you plop down $60 for a few evenings wasted playing a game that took 30 million out of the mouth of little sick black babies you take a good, hard look in the mirror while listening to ďMan in the mirrorĒ by Saint Michael Jackson. Anyone figure out how he managed to have little white babies? That is kind of weird isnít it?
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