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August 25th, 2012, 16:21
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1. He admits here that he didn't give players as many choices and consequences in Avadon (increases development costs).

2. It's clear he's a programmer first and a storyteller second - his explanation of how to write one is a bit ad libbed and vague.

3. Facepalm of the day: "up until the ending, I think Mass Effect 3 is really one of the great pieces of computer game writing and world building".
1) Did anyone who played it come to a different conclusion?

2) Seeing as how he funds his own games and how most immature industries do not know how to put on a professional presentation, he did extremely, extremely well. After watching this and seeing how many slides he used I got curious and searched for other game developer presentations, and they are all slide crazy. The standard in non-shitty colleges, universities, and mature industries is information-lite slides with snappy bullets, the presenter expounds on topics and the majority of information comes from the presenter. Why listen to a presentation when you can read it? Busy people with more work than time would never sit through a presentation of mine if I could just send them the slides and they could just read it. Just as I would never join a conference call where I could just read the information being relayed.

I adlib all my presentations because I know what I am talking about. I read my crowd and adjust to them. Prepared speech presentations bore the shit out of me, and I would literally walk out of a business presentation of someone who is just speaking the information I can read off a slide. When he was adlibbing he was doing it right. And having played through many of his games I can vouche that he can tell a story.

3) I donít understand why you would put your palm on your face over this statement. How was Mass Effect not good story telling?
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