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August 25th, 2012, 17:35
Originally Posted by killias2 View Post
Edit: I'm also very confused by your views on W2. They made it abundantly clear that the game is TB. I'm not really sure how much more clearly something can be stated. I also don't what else you're going on about. Spite? Integrity? Did inXile kill your parents or something?
They made it abundantly clear the game would include TB combat, not that it would be TB. There is a huge difference. He didn’t fund the kickstarter because he had reservations, who gives a shit? They obviously didn’t need his contribution to make their goal. What the fuck is wrong with everyone? People are not allowed to think important things to them are important anymore?

Integrity comes into because there is the truth and there is manipulation. You think the game is TB, period. You believe they were clear on that. Time will tell who is right. If you think telling half truths show integrity that is your opinion. Spite was mentioned by others, not me. If the game ends-up being TB only, he'll ahve to eat his words and inXile will get another sale.

How did this become a discussion about spending money vs. charity? By your logic, pretty much ever single dollar spent by any of us should go to charity.
Now I’m a bad person for thinking the little black babies should be saved?
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