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August 25th, 2012, 21:20

1) Not much room for 'conclusions' - direct quote at 15:20 "Avadon did not end up with as many decisions and decision points and endings as I wanted it to have". I think even a Jeff fanboy like me has to (apart from this presentation) admit that Avadon's C&C were a missed opportunity. Would have loved for there to be a real struggle to choose between Tawon and Avadon, eg if one was chaotic good and the other lawful evil.

2) Have you ever seen the topic of "storytelling" presented by a writer that's published stuff that sold well? World of difference to what Jeff did.

3) Covered in a thousand threads on rpgwatch alone, will derail thread if I rehash. Key points being - deus ex machina, contrivances, lack of narrative cohesion, inconsistent with own lore and basic logic. Summed up here.
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