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August 25th, 2012, 22:40
Originally Posted by Toff View Post
What annoys me is the very large woman
This kind of shit annoys me to no end. Why is it necessary to mention that she is large? Would you say "black"? Or "hispanic"? Would you say "lesbian" No of course you wouldn't Why is it that everybody gets in an uproar if you mention skin color, sexual orientation, race, etc. But shit, fat people? Have at 'em.You can say whatever you want about fat people and nobody bats an eyelash. They are without a doubt one of the most discriminated against people on the planet. Fat? Must just sit on your ass all day eating twinkies and watching Soap Operas & Talk shows. Using a scooter to get around at Wal-Mart? Too lazy to walk. Cant ever be that MAYBE that fat person has undergone surgeries in the past or suffered injuries, and getting around is very difficult, rendering exercise impossible. Do you people honestly think we don't hear the comments you make to each other? The comments you don't have the balls to say to my face?? Have you ever walked into an empty restaurant. and still get seated way in the back? Happens to me all the time. Cant have disgusting fat people eating in the window, can we? Do people look at your plate all the time the way they look at mine? Doubt it. Gotta see how much that slob is gonna eat. Oh wait, we are supposed to be "jolly" all the time right? And blacks just eat watermelon and fried chicken. And all Italians are connected. Stereotypes are fine, as long as you're talking about a fat person. No one cares.

I was at 328 lbs. The only exercise i can do is swim. I have no pool and do not live near water that is safe to swim in. And I can't stand cold water. There is a community center near me that has a heated therapy pool that is amazing. However the $58 monthly fee I cant accomodate right now. However on the 22nd of August I went to the Dr., like I do every 2 months. I weighed 284, compared to 288 the last time. 44 lbs. I have lost in 3 years. Very slow & agonizing and difficult. I eat a can of fruit in the morning and a sandwich in the afternoon. thats it.Anymore than that and my weight stays the same or I gain. I am not looking for sympathy or pats on the back. I am simply pointing out what some "fat tub of goo" has to go through. Keep that in mind before you tell a fat joke. And seriously, take a good hard look and listen when you see a very large person at what those around say and do. You will be amazed.

And I know that probably the vast majority of fat people do exactly what some people think. But not all. You dont clump anybody else in one group. Dont do it with us please.

I could go on but I am going to stop. And my apologies for singling you out, TOFF. I know it wasnt done with the intention of insulting, but it DOES insult. No less than talking about her skin color or sexual orientation or nationality would.




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