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August 26th, 2012, 13:33
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
It fixes around 500 bugs if i remember correctly, not all major ones, obviously. I doubt it introduces more bugs than it fixes, but yes, sometimes fixing something breaks something else, it's always like that with patches..
I think if you take the most polished piece of software and start counting mercilessly by a programming veteran, you'd probably get near that figure. As I say, I found nothing major or annoying in two playthroughs.

The restoration mod was known for major bugs (I found a few) like CTD's and lines out of context or NPC's in Vanilla areas thinking I'd done the opposite to what I had in the restored areas. Also - balancing. One reason the project took so long was that Vanilla was designed to give out light side / dark side, XP etc at a certain rate. If you add in more content you'll start reaching buffers the Vanilla version does not expect. I believe the restored content did not have any default XP/light/dark points, so the modders were uncertain how to allocate. This was one reason the thing was almost ditched (that, along with the huge workload). That said, I've yet to play 1.8 and so hoping it will be a playable and balanced experience.
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