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August 26th, 2012, 20:45
I'm playing. Pretty good stuff so far. It can't hold a candel to Secret World's atmosphere or story lines and the voice acting is a bit cringe-inducing but the mechanics have been good fun so far. I started with a warrior then switched out to my elementalist.

I'm on the Anvil Stone server. Hmmm, maybe I should figure out how to do tells and stuff like that. Well, first I have to actually be able to log in. That's been… non-trivial.

P.S. The lastest NVIDIA drivers seem to really mangle the 3D Vision. Before I upgraded, the game itself had great 3D. Even the pointer went to depth!

P.P.S. AVG's firewall does not play nicely with GW2 at all. AVG posted a work around in this thread on August 10th.
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