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August 27th, 2012, 14:25
Both my low level cleric and paladin have now reached level 8. I saw your low level toons had already taken level 8. Which quests did you do besides Carnival this weekend. I need to know so I can pug them if I think I want to have those quests done.

My cleric and paladin completed Tangleroot Gorge and Delera this weekend to get level 8. My cleric also did Tears of Dhakaan, but my pally didn't.

Which quests are we planning next weekend? If you haven't done Delera then I don't mind redoing them since the XP is very good. Even without first time elite bonus I would get decent XP. Delera requires a trapmonkey. I used a level 8 hireling rogue when I did them and it worked well. So if we get 2 groups running at the same time we can use hireling in one.
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