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August 27th, 2012, 13:42
I checked the quests by level list and found the following interesting quests we could consider:
* Complete the Three Barrel Gorge quests we need (Fire caves part 2, the Scoundrel's run). Free Agents
* Necro 1 (level 5-6): Silver Flame if you haven't already run it
* Sorrowdusk chain with explorers/slayers/rares (quest range 6-10). House D
* Valak's Mausoleum (level 6 in Delera's graveyard). House J
* Gwylan's stand (level 7 and great XP). House P
* Sentinel chain (level 7-8). House D
* The Tear of Dhakaan (level 7): House K
* Caverns of Korromar (level 8): House K
* The Xorian Cipher (level 8): House J
* Stormcleave Outpost (level 8): House D
* Stromvauld's Mine (level 8): House K
* Vault of Night part 1-2 (level 8): House K
* Necro 2: (level 8): Silver Flame
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