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August 27th, 2012, 15:06
The Avengers

When I was just a kid, I swallowed every single comic I could find/buy/read. Avengers wasn't one of those, but separate comics about members like Thor were.

And then I saw on a big screen many heroes I adored, and honestly, every time I was plain disappointed. I was not sure what audience those movies were ment for. Till Tim Burton's Batman came. There I said, someone finally succeded to put the things right. And was very happy.

I'll skip many different movies with comic heroes, some were great and some were utterly stupid.
But then a friend of mine said that Iron Man 2 is good. Um… 2? WTF? I honestly didn't know the first one existed at all, so I watched it. And again I was happy. Y'know the shrink "inner child" crap, well, it's something like that. Iron man (both) went on the same track Tim Burton started, superhero comics are and were always ment to be not just action, not just visuals, but quality humor!
Lack of enough humor is what bothered me in Captain America (movie), but luckily, it came back in Thor (movie). And finally Avengers were made.

You may (try to) imagine Avengers in the same tone as Fantastic Four as it's also the movie about a group of superheroes, but FF utterly failed (if you ask me) because of - lack of humor. Okay, not just that but lemme save it for later.

Avengers has it all - action, looks and - TONS of humor. Tons.
Don't get me wrong when I say looks, comics are not all great, and one of things you want to see in a comic is superb drawing. If it's badly drawn, no good scenario will save it. In a movie with superheroes, superb CGI is a must and Avengers excel in that.

The story is practically a cliche, but then again, who said cliche sucks? If perfectly executed, and if there are many sidestories with it, cliche doesn't suck, and we got exactly that. Good vs Evil cliche, but polished.

Gorath says Scarlet Johanson is a secret star… She is not. A secret. She is everything a female super hero should be. With just one sentence you may describe her as a writing on t-shirts prince's batman soundtrack "babes" wear: All this and brains too. She's simply anti-Megan Fox and anti-Jessica Alba.
Also every single movie character is not set aside, each has it's own minutes and each succeeded to show his/her story and if you want to put it like that - everyone managed to explain his/her role. The movie because of that is over 2 hours long, but hey, it is still without a single minute of boredom.

And also… There is actually no sex in this movie. Nor yucky Biowarelike romance. And it's still selling!!

On such movie, where one of key points is humor, the audience said yes. I also say yes and can't wait for the sequel.

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