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August 27th, 2012, 17:41
Hi folks,

I'm one of the guys running the Conclave Kickstarter. Just wanted to dip in and clarify a couple of things:
  • There are indeed many more quests already built - 13, to be exact. We have a limited set of them available during the Kickstarter.
  • The quests that are open are definitely on the simple and easy side, as they were designed for new players who are just getting their feet wet. The later quests are considerably more challenging, and tend to present more complex tactical situations (i.e., mixes of ranged and melee foes, more use of terrain, caster-types with area-effect magic, debuffs, etc.). We are considering whether we might open up a couple of the more difficult quests for play during the Kickstarter; if that happens, we'll be sure to post an update.
  • Quest purchasing is off for now as it would leave us in a weird situation where some people are putting money in through the store, while others are putting funds into the Kickstarter. Right now, all funding needs to go to the latter
  • Pricing will change once the Kickstarter is complete and the new features are built - that is, if the Kickstarter is successful. The $3 pricing was an early special while our quests and features were in a beta state, and while there were fewer of them.
  • We're going to announce today that all Kickstarter funders at the $10+ level will get access to all the beta quests after the Kickstarter finishes (again, assuming it's successful). That means that instead of being able to play 3 quests, you'll have 13 at your disposal. It might take us a week or so after the Kickstarter to process all the funders and get their accounts set up, but no longer than that - you certainly won't have to wait until we finish all the Kickstarter-related development.

Hope that's helpful!
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