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August 27th, 2012, 19:55
I think the easiest is to figure out what the ones attending a play session need and want and just play for fun. Figuring out what people who are not present want to play can be hard. If you missed a session then you can either pug the quests you need or we can repeat and help the left behind getting favor, xp or whatever. Most quests have reasons to be repeated. Good xp, rare loot etc.

I don't mind if you play something I need when I'm not online. Like Delera last Saturday. I just pugged the chain for my toons and I' m up-to date.

On the other hand we can adjust if a key person is out and we are in the middle of a chain. Then we can play something else. So I think we can make general plans for what we want to play and improvise if not all show up. That has worked well until now.

You're responsible for knowing what your OWN toons need. Keeping track of the needs of others can be hard. I expect people to tell which quests they miss when we group up
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