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August 27th, 2012, 20:22
I also think we can be a bit flexible regarding levels. I don't mind if I'm level 7 if you're level 8.

Having said that I think we can keep track of the lowest level quests we still want to do. That includes explorer areas. The key is to not get level more than 2 above the current lowest level we want to play. The reason is that we want to get bravery bonus from Elite runs.

At the moment I think our lowest level remaining quests are 6. That means we can get level 8 with no penalties. If we want necro 1 we lose bravery bonus except the last in the chain. The first 4 are level 5 and the final level 6.

Since we are playing to get bravery bonus it means the quests are rather challenging. This is particularly important regarding traps. So if you're holding a level as a rogue or artificer then it could be smart to level if BB is not broken. Extra skill points means you can find traps you could otherwise miss.

Other classes also have key levels where they get a prestige class or a key feat. Just like with Wouldii getting radiant aura at level 8. Having the ability means the chance of success will increase. In quests like vault of night we need everything we can to beat the quest on elite and keep BB. Id we avoid deaths we get 10% more xp

So I propose we post here on the forum the lowest level we do for each group we have (lie, mid, high, epic). They you just make sure you stay within 2 levels of that limit. We discuss on Fridays whether we keep the limit or increase by one. If one in the group still misses something we don't increase the limit. That makes everyone happy and you don't have to worry if you need to hold or can level up.

We play at different times so coordination might not be great

Make a sticky thread about team Corwin in the DDO forum where we have our toon levels posted. Then you check there for level limit for groups.

I even propose we make different group names for the different levels. Team Corwin is the overall group containing all sub groups.

E. g. the epic one could be team Jm

The level 18-20 could be team Peter

Level 11-13 could be team Dte

Level 7-8 could be team Reywindd

And so on

This makes it simpler than low, middle, high because levels increase. Low level is now soon mid level. We probably start a new low level soon. That one could be team Cm or Azraelck and so on.
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