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August 27th, 2012, 21:47
I think hirelings can cover the areas we miss if we don't have a full group. Even rogue hirelings perform pretty well. I've had no problems with rogue hirelings in the quests I've had to solo, not even on elite.

Cleric hirelings seem to do the job pretty well too. Fighters can fill empty slots and so on. If the quest is challenging the hirelings can mean it's very hard to complete. Those quests are the ones we focus on when we have a full group and the ones we make repeats with for those left behind. I can mention Von 3 and 4 as examples.

The biggest challenge we have keeping people in groups is that the number of toons we play is so different. I have 4 toons in total. Jm has more than 10. Cm and you probably 6-8 and so on. That means you have a problem if you want to level all of these.

I think this can be solved by designating a number of your toons to the ongoing groups. The others are NOT part of groups and considered free runners, meaning they will pug and join whatever group they can find. The problem comes when you try to level ALL your toons and not have time to do so.

E. g. you parked Klubbir around level 10-11 because you didn't have time to play up him along with the others. You might resume his life once the current level 7-8 toons catch-up. If you spread your play time on too many toons you will be left behind. So leaving some behind outside a group is probably a good idea.

Another issue we have is that toons are on different lives. A first lifer toon only needs 1.9 mill XP to reach level 20. A second lifer needs 3.1 mill and a third+ lifer needs 4.3 mill XP. If you mix those in the same group you will see a different progress rate, especially after level 10.

XP pots, XP tomes and elite streaks also makes leveling trickier. Let's say you have a toon with elite streak of 50% doing a quest on normal because the quest was too tough on elite or hard. That means you lose 50% XP on the quest compared to the ones keeping the streak going. So if you do a quest giving you 20k XP then others will get 30k instead. That's a significant difference. XP pots give +20% XP and XP tomes something similar.

That's the reason I think linking toons into several teams is a good idea. Then you know who you're supposed to play with. E. g. my toons at level 8 are TR2, but with XP pots so they can keep up with TR1's without pots. E. g. if I had a first lifer with XP pot then it would be no fun playing with TR1 or TR2's without pots. So you mix toons together that have a fair chance of keeping up with each other.

I keep 2 toons in the "low" level group (team Reywind), i. e. the paladin and cleric. That means I can alternate between them to not run ahead in XP and pug with the one I didn't play with to keep both at the same general level. So I can maintain these toons. If I notice the very high XP demands at higher level because they are TR 2 then I can drop one of them out of the group and focus on the other. The one I drop out with can then wait to be caught up by another group playing when they come within range.
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