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August 27th, 2012, 21:55
A good thing about designating all our toons to one of the groups we define, or keep some as free agents then we know who we can play with when we login during a week and only see a few others online as well.

The main thing is to have fun and play and one shouldn't have to feel guilty for playing because you play and a possible other toon is left behind. If you know the level range of the group you're in then you just have to ensure you stay within the range and all is fine.

Right now it's very hard to understand because we don't know which toons are active, which are mules and which are free agents.

If we have a thread showing all the teams and all the toons then we can easily check who belongs to each group. Dte or Corwin can maintain the lists.

We could e. g. type like:

Team Jm: Level 21-25. Sherrille Bard (23), Sherina Artificer (23), Aerii Sorc (23), RolfPeter Cleric (22) and so on.

Free agents: nnn Rogue (12)
Mules: yyy Fighter (3)

And so on.

We can all send forum PM's to Dte / Corwin to update our own toons. If a new group is formed we create a name and post it in the thread. This way we can send in which of our toons who want to join that group. If you want to swap a group or move to the free agent / mule you can send a PM about that too.

I think that would help a lot. Then we have in one location the status of all the toons we have. This is particularly important regarding the free agents and mules. We don't know which toons of others who aren't part of playing groups. E. g. we then don't have to wait for a toon we think is active, but is not played regularly anymore.
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