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August 27th, 2012, 22:16
Regarding staying within groups then you know the level range defined for that group at the moment and if you cap it then you hold until the level range is increased. If you want to level faster then you detach yourself from the group and move the toon to another group instead.

So I don't see a problem with some of us helping left behind toons within a group to catch up. As long as one are willing to hold levels it shouldn't affect the others. Remember that doing a quest for the first time on elite gives +80% XP plus bravery bonus so repeaters should expect about half XP as the one doing it for the first time. I see the problem with the ones helping gaining XP too, but the ones left behind will at least close the gap.

The other alternative is that the left behind will have to pug or repeat lower level quests with hirelings to catch up. That's not always possible, especially for those who don't pug.

My viewpoint is that it's good that the left behind toon gains XP to catch up. The gap will become less even though it might not close completely from on play session. If one is too afraid to help the ones left behind then we might risk seeing the ones left behind dropping out of the group because they can't catch up anymore. That means they have to wait for the next lower level group to catch up to the left behind.

I think we can let the left behind toon decide whether he/she wants help from higher level guildies or not. If the left behind wants to play then I don't say no to helping. If you're left behind by a few ranks then that's actually nothing and can be closed by a few hours of playing. If you fall a full level behind then we will notice it more because more and more others will have to hold levels. Still, that's a price we have to pay when being a member in a group. It's not like we lose the XP by holding a level.

The only time you should NOT hold a level is when you're about to hit level 20. The reason is that the epic XP will not accumulate until after you select your epic destiny. You can't select the destiny before you're 20. So if you're e. g. 4 ranks into level 19, but holding 19 then you should get 19 first.

At all other levels you only miss on enhancements, abilities, skills and feats by holding levels. That's something we can live with because we're doings quests within the bravery bonus range of the toon left behind. So we should be able to beat those quests on elite.
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