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August 27th, 2012, 23:42
Hm, as much as I can understand this proposal - it's purely logical to me - I have nevertheless the impression as if this proposal has the goal of the game (I might be wrong, but this is just how it appears to me) of levelling up.

Me, personally, I don't play DDO for levelling up. This isn't my goal in playing.
My goal is to experience the environments and the story. This is what constitutes the most fun of the game for me.
And playing the same story with a different class is to me as if I was looking at the same story from a different angle/standpoint.

I really don't have anything against to be assiciated to a group, but I think that I'm levelling not as fast as most of you do. I would have to reassign my toons much more often - but if it is planned to be so, then be it so. I would have to take care of the reassigning process myself then, no ? Or have I misunderstood it ?

I really like the group play, because it has become great fun for me (I wouldn't have thought so a year ago !), and I like to offer my help, but I fear that my own playing style is perhaps a bit different. I would rather be some kind of an "free agent" or so, I don't know.

I really don't have anything to be assigned to a group, but since I'm levelling up much slower, usually, I have to be reassigned much more often, I fear.

And I like to switch through my chars depending on what kind of help from my side is needed as well - if the level differences aren't too great. So far I can offer help with my both level 7 Artificer or my Cleric, depending on the quest - for example.

The only character which is a bit statis right now is my Ranger.

This is how I see things right now. Please correct me if I have misunderstood something.
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