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August 28th, 2012, 00:01
It does list level and type of all guild members for you. I think the plan is taking on a life of it's own. Let's just pick one for Friday……..the rest are extra play…..Keep all the Friday toons at the same level. If we start seeing Tr's falling behind we can do a swapmeet then.

I barely have time to read the forums most weeks. I know I won't keep lists up to date. Those of us who get too far ahead with that one Friday toon should just agree to hold til we catch up or at that point bring in another toon so you are not loosing xp holding levels.

Lets enjoy the game and each other. Something we have not been doing nearly enough lately. We seem to have lost the TEAM part of our sessions. We're letting the mechanics and stats of the game dictate how we act and it's time to get back to helping each other and if I loose an elite streak who cares. It doesn't take that long to get it back. We have been playing together for years………..Time to remember why we stayed a group all this time. And yes I had a bad weekend so I will shut up now.
Bart and Corwin should just admit that when it gets down to it, I will have the final say.
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