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August 28th, 2012, 02:02
Most of us are in a slightly different position that Alrik. For him the game is new so all quests are interesting and fun. For e. g. me I've played those quests 10+ times so they are just something to play through to get the XP to play new stuff that comes out. We TR because we reach level 20 and want to get the bonuses from TR'ing.

I don't play just to get XP, but getting levels with more power is part of the fun. If you're used to killing devils in the Shavarath then you feel a bit squishy having to deal with kobolds in Waterworks.

Our purpose of playing is not just to get the XP, but to get interesting loot, trying new abilities when you get enhancements and levels. It's fun seeing you toon becoming more powerful than it was. Getting a rare item from a quest chest is fun. Therefore we farm certain quests to get the rare item sets like the ones in Red Fens.
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