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August 28th, 2012, 02:59
I think we don't have a MAIN group of toons anymore. The former main group is at level 18+, but we seem to have swapped to the level 7-8 group. I don't mind that since we have more freedom of choice at level 8. There will always be people away on the Friday sessions so planning is hard. That's an important reason we swap toons quite a bit

By not having a plan we can end up like we did last Friday. I entered the game session 10 minutes before we were supposed to start with my low level toon, expecting that we would form 1-2 groups and play something like we always do. Instead I saw most of you were already busy in a quest chain doing Carnival, thus having started early. That meant my toons were left out of the entire session since the group was full and it was a full chain taking several hours. I had to pug instead. I have pugged a lot before so I didn't mind that and did Tangleroot with hirelings. I wish I had known that upfront so I could have remained in bed instead instead of waking up before 1am to start a gaming session, but I can live with that.

I think improvising gaming sessions is fine if we can just do what we want and see what happens when we login. But I can't count the number of times I've been told that I have played a toon too much to get ahead some of you by a few ranks or maybe a level. So there are obviously some kinds of rules. One example is our level 18+ group. We had a group doing all important quests up to level 18. My toon got enough XP to reach 20 and took the level so he didn't lose epic XP. Since we had completed all level 17 and below quests it shouldn't have mattered. All the others in the group were level 18 or higher. We would still get BB bonus for the quest remaining to get all to 20.

Instead I see that others toons that were formerly free agents are introduced into the former main group. These toons could be below 18 or miss level 17 or lower quests. That means my toon became too high for playing in the 18 group if one wants the bravery bonus. That means my toon is no longer suited for the group anymore, at least until the group gets up to 20 too. There is nothing wrong in adding new toons to the groups we play, but if one wants to use certain rules regarding leveling then that can be a challenge to uphold. I don't mind that I'm suddenly above level to play. I can always play something else, but we have to realize such things happen if we don't have some kind of system.

If people are willing to play quests for fun and not complain about not getting bravery bonus every time then there is less of a problem if we improvise a lot. But I'm getting told things like "I can't play with you because I lose 10% XP doing so". I think that if you want the toon to level 20 and get 18k instead of 20k it's still a lot better than getting nothing. Playing a toon is the best way to get XP. I think gaining XP is not the main reason to play. Alrik is very right about that.

My main point is that if we want rules regarding who to play, when to advance in level and so on then we also need some kind of rules regarding groups, what to play and when. If not we will be better off with improvising and just form a group with people who show up at times people want to play.

I feel that one shouldn't feel guilty for playing with other guildies if some are online and want to play something. Just play and have fun instead of having to think about consequences for others who are not playing. There will be other chances for those who didn't play to play. In the long run it will even out. I don't mind repeating quests to help others who weren't present a chance for chain completion or getting favor they need.
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