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August 28th, 2012, 03:09
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Peter, just because you've played different D&D chars in other games doesn't mean they are the same in DDO. I discovered quite quickly that a Sorc in NWN played VASTLY different from a Sorc in DDO, as does a Bard. In fact, probably most do. While I prefer to play casters, I still enjoy trying other classes and styles of playing. I didn't always enjoy my Bard, but playing it was an experience I'm glad I had. I've tried most of the possible builds as have most of our regulars and at the very least, playing them helps me appreciate what others are doing when they play that class. You NEED to broaden your horizons!!
I haven't seen you play a paladin or cleric.

I have seen enough of certain toon classes to know how they work. I pick toons I know I can play well. Being a healer means I know I can alway find a group and I don't mind having to look after the health of others. Being a fighter is not my style because I like to have the safety net from lay on hands. Fighters perform better, but a good paladin can keep up pretty well.

Arcanes are the most powerful classes in the group, but I hate being a squishy. I don't like dying from a particularly nasty spell and having to rely upon healers to stay alive. I tried the favored soul, liked it at first, but not in the end. I miss the radiant aura and the spell variety.

I tried a rogue in NWN and truly hated that. So being a rogue is a no-no. Playing a druid is no point since it's new and everybody wants to play it.

If I had to select another toon I would probably pick a monk. Monks seem to be very sturdy and can stay alive for long. They hit hard too. I'm not particularly fond of a bard because they seem to be more group oriented than solo capable. I want a toon I can solo with too.

The main reason for not making a monk was that I had no monk gear (handwraps etc.). I had khopeshes in my reincarnation cache. So being a TWF ranger would probably be the choice. But we have a lot of rangers in the guild already.

I like to pick classes nobody else want. I'm the only paladin at the moment. Being a healer is a necessity for many quests so somebody must do it. I don't mind so there you go.

I want to have fun and don't feel the need to broaden my horizon in DDO. I play a monk in Diablo 3. That's enough for me. In Mass Effect I played a soldier (fighter). So I can try other roles if I want to.
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