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August 28th, 2012, 03:55
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1) Not much room for 'conclusions' - direct quote at 15:20 "Avadon did not end up with as many decisions and decision points and endings as I wanted it to have". I think even a Jeff fanboy like me has to (apart from this presentation) admit that Avadon's C&C were a missed opportunity. Would have loved for there to be a real struggle to choose between Tawon and Avadon, eg if one was chaotic good and the other lawful evil.

2) Have you ever seen the topic of "storytelling" presented by a writer that's published stuff that sold well? World of difference to what Jeff did.

3) Covered in a thousand threads on rpgwatch alone, will derail thread if I rehash. Key points being - deus ex machina, contrivances, lack of narrative cohesion, inconsistent with own lore and basic logic. Summed up here.
1) I'm definitely not disagreeing and claiming it had good C&C, just that I didn’t even know it was supposed to. Your first initial point made it seem like it did. On the other hand, games with pretty good C&C are often ignored, like Hammer & Sickle.

2) I’ve seen writers speak about storytelling, yes. I’ve also heard writers read speeches about it. I think this was supposed have more of a business slant, as he had a powerpoint (or PDF) presentation.

3) I honestly dislike BioWare’s games tremendously. I wanted to not like Mass Effect, but they are the three BioWare games I like. I absolutely enjoyed the story so I just can’t put the palm of my hand in my face and all the implications that go with that gesture. I thought it was great. I disliked the actual game part, but the story, setting, and characters I completely enjoyed. I have what is generally considered - and I really hate to float my own boat here but I will – impeccable taste. I only like good things. So if I like it, it is good. If I don’t, it is not. And you can take that to the bank.

People on this site tend to disagree with me, but they do not have impeccable taste. And they are confusing. For instance: they claim to hate corporations yet buy up all the slop every major corporation comes out with, whereas I did not buy Dragon Age 2, Oblivion, “Fallout” 3, Skyrim, and all the other shit big corporations spew out like monkey shit and everyone lapse up like good little mindless-consumer-dogs, and I have zero issues with corporation in general (but do have issues with individual corporations for specific reasons, like those motherfuckers at Bank of America). The only conclusion would be there taste in things to hate is as poor as their taste in games. Oh well, if everyone had impeccable taste like I do who would be left to be gloat?
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