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August 28th, 2012, 07:20
Even fleshbag artificers can self heal, either through the admixture potion 'bombs' or by taking construct essence as a feat.

Not once in nearly three years of playing has any of us ever gave a damn about the 10% bs xp. Not once.

Peter, how often did you consider Aerii as a Sorcerer to be squishy? She soloed quests on hard and elite that You refused to even run. The entire group struggled just to keep pace. This is a human Sorcerer, one that has two-manned elite DQ, soloed Chrono elite, and even in Eveningstart and beyond can cut a swath of devistation a mile wide, without being particularly bothered about only having heal scrolls for self healing.

Likewise, while I've found that Mirys' time as a Bard wasn't all that enjoyable until 21+, she has always been far from squishy. Or did you forget the elite Servants run that your hp were dropping like a rock and Mirys and Reywindd (the AA), weren't even fazed. Evasion and a high reflex save does wonders for a builds' survivability.

Squishy is a playstyle, not a class or race. Build a bad character, it won't survive as well. Period.

One issue with all this is that some of us are first lifers this run. So Aneira, Pump, and quite likely Ijii and Susan will be bouncing back and forth. I will have to and continue to bring the one not farthest ahead, and that brings the needed skills to the group. Mostly, this will be Aneira, Pump, and Ijii, as all are trap-capable builds. Susan is likely to get time in when we're not needing another trapper.

Peter, NWN and even PnP experience is irrelevant with DDO. So is watching others play in DDO. Until you have played a class into the mid-levels, you don't know jack about them. Even classes that seem similar at a distance are not. There are huge differences between Aerii the Sorcerer and Cairii the Wizard. And even more between Rachail as a Paladin and as a Fighter.
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