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August 28th, 2012, 11:36
Originally Posted by Peter Stauffenberg View Post
Instead I saw most of you were already busy in a quest chain doing Carnival, thus having started early. That meant my toons were left out of the entire session since the group was full and it was a full chain taking several hours. I had to pug instead.
I ask them all of the time regardless.

"Group full" isn't a reason not to ask them for me - apart from me not exactly knowing of how many players a "full group" actually consists.

I propose to just expand the group's size. Isn't this possible with the new grouping options ? I thought so.

And the new grouping options also allow ourselves - as far as I've understood them - to mark the group as "private", so no-one can join anymore.

Apart from that - you can ask me any time.
The only wish I have is that there won't be any zerging. Especially not in quests I've never done before.
In some, okay, yes (like in The Catacombs quest chain, at least for some part (Druiden's - oops - burial grounds, or Shan-To-Kor).

Besides, I'm slowly learning which toon belongs to whom by time now, but I still haven't memorized every one yet. I think especially Trevor's are new to me.
The "K-Power" and Peter's are the easiest to memorize for me.

I think we should just take a look and see whether the new grouping options might help us. Groups can still become private ones, so no-one would see (and thus not join) them, I think.

@Peter : Rangers can also self-heal to some extend at later levels. Until that, they just need hirelings.

I would end up with a squishy toon being the liability in the group in every session. I don't want to be the one hearing "we lost 10% XP because you died again".
I'm dying all of the time, so this isn't relevant to me.

But I'm getting told things like "I can't play with you because I lose 10% XP doing so".
You won't hear that from me.

I've read a lot about this in the foruzms, and I say : Just don't listen to the people who are saying this. Kind of like "false friends" are.

Bravery Bonus is one of the actually most-discussed and least-understood things within the forums - and I think within the servers as well. Even I don't still quite understand all of its mechanics - the only thing I've understood so far is that one gets a bonus of xp when doing quests on elite difficulty first - and I don't even know within which level range this takes place. Some say that a level above or below doesn't hurt it (the BB, I mean), but all of those many discussions rather confuse me than enlight me.

Originally Posted by Peter Stauffenberg View Post
Being a healer means I know I can alway find a group


I tried a rogue in NWN and truly hated that. So being a rogue is a no-no.
I must say that Rogues makie it easy to find a group, too.
At least that's true for quests with lots of traps.

During the last session I spoke of above I was contacted by someone I haven't seen before via /tell, and he (or she, one never knows) asked me if I wanted to joing … I think it was Sharn. As an Artificer ! And he wanted a "trapper" !

People who are capable of disabling traps are sought after, too.
Sure, they aren't great fighters, but someone has to do it.

(And there are many diverse opinions in the DDO forums about whether Rogues have great DPS or not. It's almost like a schism : Some say yes, others no. And I really can't say, because I've never played one.)

Originally Posted by Peter Stauffenberg View Post
I like to pick classes nobody else want.
Take Bard. No-one really seems to rtealize how much good they can do. I have read tales of PUG members applauding a Cleric for healing everyone, although the Cleric was dead and the Bard doing the healing all of the time.

What I've read in the forums about people not realizing the uses of a Bard is almost like some sort of racism, but I don't know if this is really true. But the tales I read were at least … kind of disturbing. To me.

Edit : Rugues have great evasion, I often read. And with this new system, high dexterity might even add up to the mitigation of damages. (Or so I understood it.)

Edit : Now this is a truly wonderful screenshot ! http://www.ddo.com/de/news/2371-ddo-…of-the-week-87
It looks enlarged even greater !
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