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August 29th, 2012, 02:36
Originally Posted by wiretripped View Post
Contemplating this… It looks very interesting.
Worth it? Impressions?
Originally Posted by Menigal View Post
Hmm… looks interesting. I'd like to know if anyone else has tried it, too.
Absolutely! It is a very interesting game, unlike anything that has been done before or since. You are leading a tribe who settle in the dangerous "Dragon Pass" in Glorantha (this game is set in the world that the pen & paper roleplaying game RuneQuest takes place in), and it is your job to make sure that your tribe prospers.
You do this by appointing people into different positions, and by managing your tribe's resources (this part is actually pretty deep). The main draw of the game though is the events, which will basically build a story around your tribe. Several times each season events will happen that you will have to respond to, it might be that you find a group of humanoid ducks living peacefully in the countryside, or that you find a dead dragon, a person from another tribe that has escaped and wishes to seek shelter in your tribe or that your neighbors are raiding your fields (or plenty of other events, there really are a lot of them), each one having a lot of different possible actions, and depending on how you respond you will shape the world around you. For an example if you chose to make armour of the dragon's scale, the dragon might come back, reborn into a new body (dragons are basically immortal in that setting), and if you can't defend yourself, you will suffer a lot of losses… but if you can defend yourself, then you will get yet another suit of dragon armour. On the other hand, if you chose to respect the dead dragon, it might aid you in the future. And there are often no true "right" answer, it all depends on how you want to shape your tribe.

The game does have a win condition, but I don't think that aiming for the win condition is the most fun way to play the game. It is far more fun to just build a story around the tribe.

By the way, more indie bundles! (Yes, I know, these are incredibly common these days)
Indie Gala
Dangerous Waters
Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness
Sentinel 3: Homeworld
Superstar V8 Racing
and beat the average:
Ghost Master
Dark Fall: Lost Souls
Achtung panzer: Operation Star
Space Empires V
Sacred Gold

Achtung panzer is not a very famous game, but from what I've heard, it is supposed to be one of the best wargames on the market right now (though this is according to wargaming enthusiasts, so it might be a bit too much for a more casual wargamer)

Indie Royale
Shattered Horizon
Analogue: A hate Story
Da New Guys
Super Amazing Wagon Adventure

This one is actually containing indie games…

Indie Face Kick
Fixed minimum price at $8, no steam or desura keys.
Adam's Venture: Episode 1
Desert Gunner
Operation Matriarchy
Hard Truck Apocalypse
The Entente: Battlefields World War

Operation Matriarchy & The Entente are apparently garbage (with Operation Matriarchy almost being Stalin vs. Martians level garbage)
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