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August 29th, 2012, 04:41
Originally Posted by rossrjensen View Post
I think I must have impeccable taste as well, and the fact that I liked the Mass Effect trilogy (including the ending) obviously coincides with your tastes. At the same token, I also bought Fallout 3, Skyrim, and Oblivion and have never finished any of them (though I stayed away from Dragon Age 2, despite liking the first quite a bit), so I guess I can unashamedly admit to being a bit of a corporate lapdog (what can I say, sometimes I get caught in the hype). Oh well, I got my money's worth out of Skyrim. Oblivion was awesome until I began recognizing the awful level/loot scaling. And Fallout 3…well, it didn't really grip me. New Vegas, on the other hand, was pretty awesome.

I have never played a Jeff Vogel game, but he has done some pretty good stuff in the industry and I certainly respect his opinions.
I’m a corporate bitch when it comes to movies so I can’t really fault people for loving the videogame blockbusters…but I still do. I love the big summer blockbusters, and I dislike artsy movies. I hate romances but I like some romantic comedies like, in example, almost every Adam Sandler movie. Once in a while there is a good artsy movie, like Doubt or Dogville, but give me a new comic book super hero movie any day of the week.

My wife was whining about how we only watch good movies and never stupid, shitty movies, so she got to pick one of the stupid, shitty ones she likes. She picked My Big Fat Greek Wedding and about half way through I was seriously thinking about committing suicide to make it stop. And then two days later we watched a movie on the woman channel about this teenage girl who commits suicide over cyber bullying and it somehow was even worse than the retarded wedding movie. I said I couldn’t take more of her choices so we made a rule where we both decide what movie to watch, which turned out to mean we each have veto power. Now we just look through the menus saying no to each other’s choices for 30 minutes before deciding to part ways. Sometimes having impeccable taste is really a burden.
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