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August 29th, 2012, 10:26
Originally Posted by Zloth View Post
OK, is anyone else getting clobbered in the level 8 and 10 story arc quests? Even my elementalist got trashed over and over. I'm getting my level above what's required but when three level 10s come after me in a smallish room followed by three more…

P.S. I could swear I just got a choice between companions in those quests. Does this game even have those?? Maybe they will be showing up in future story arcs?
I had a hard time initially with my squishy Thief - but I've learned that using other weapons can matter a great deal. For instance, the Shortbow for the Thief gives immense AoE damage - which is often required during main quest fights. It's also easy to kite with. Naturally, you want to maximise your gear as well.

However, the quests aren't pushovers like they are in most mainstream MMOs - which is kinda unexpected. I think it's because the quests are based on race - not class. So, the squishy classes will have a harder time by nature.

Not sure about Elementalist - but I suppose it's pretty squishy.




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