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August 29th, 2012, 10:29
My main concern with this game is that there's no "endgame". Yeah, I know they're saying the entire game is the endgame - but I'm talking about stuff to do after you reach level cap and you've seen the areas.

I know that will take time - and I know there's no subscription fee. But I'm rarely concerned about the investment - as long as it's fair. I just think the world is really beautiful and I like the events - so I'd love to have it as a long-term home.

Seems to me this game will last 1-3 months and that's about it. WvW might be fun, but it's not really my kind of PvP. sPvP is too similar to WoW - and I don't really see the point beyond a bit of fun - here and there.




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