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August 29th, 2012, 11:19
Dungeon Siege III is a very interesting composition. It's like veterans of RPG-making creates a poor mans action-rpg. The 2-party maximum baffles me… Why?! Dungeon Siege 1-2 used no less than 6 characters at the same time. The Dialogue uses the horrible wheel from Mass Effect which removes both context and subtleness. The areas are very small and boxed in and the subquests are few without much choice.

As an action-RPG it might actually be good to compare the game to games such as Gothic or Two-Worlds and it's actually better than both in pure gameplay. In the mentioned games, if you play a mage you better get used to that fireball because you are going to hurl it nonstop for days and that's pretty much what you do. Dungeon Siege III do what I would have done if I built an action RPG; give me ease access to multiple different attacks that each can be customized to create a fast-paced but effective strategy. About 2/3 through the game you have access to no less than 9 different abilities at the same time, which is a lot for an action-rpg and they can be combined for very effective combinations.

In Dungeon Siege III you benefit from thinking when you set up your character because you wish to design strategies that go well together. For instance, I play Katarina the ranged fighter and I have made her into a critical master. She have a strong long-range single-target attack and weak close-range multi-target attack. Since I have prioritized agility (to increase crit-chance) I have weak health and armor, but by equipping my short range weapons with Ice and Weaken I will most likely cause groups of close enemies to slow down and deal less damage, so my criticals actually becomes my defense. I also rely on something called "Doom" which ultimate purpose is to increase the damage of critical damage. I also have a few buffs that improves my defenses and healing over time while keeping foes away so I can rely on long-range shots.

Now if I would make a melee build with the tank Lucas, I would have used completely different stats, such as relying on Stamina that improves health, Armor that reduces damage, block that improves defenses even more for a shield wearing character, stagger that stuns foes you attacked, retribution that deals damage back to attackers and warding that also stuns them.

Anjali, which is my "half-mage" rely on area damage instead and definitely benefits from one of the many damage-over-time traits such as fire, vampire etc. Since she uses powers she benefits from having a lot of Will (that improves magic strength) and Momentum (that recovers mana).

By giving no less than 4-5 different stats for a single purpose (improving criticals, improving defenses, improving area effects) the customization is heavy.
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