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August 29th, 2012, 14:43
Originally Posted by Zloth View Post
OK, is anyone else getting clobbered in the level 8 and 10 story arc quests? Even my elementalist got trashed over and over. I'm getting my level above what's required but when three level 10s come after me in a smallish room followed by three more…

P.S. I could swear I just got a choice between companions in those quests. Does this game even have those?? Maybe they will be showing up in future story arcs?
I'm an elementalist as well. You have 4 different elements, and weapon combination sets for each element. Use them all, see what works for you and what not. For quests, I tend to use the water element, which seems to be the lower dps but with automatic healing (I think with staff, not sure now) so I can keep myself healed while slowly pounding away the mobs. For normal fights I used to use Air for solo mobs or fire for groups of mobs. But that all changed, for some reason I still don't know I decided to focus my traits on Earth, so now I'm naturally tougher to kill (Earth = defense + DoTs). Also I used to use staff, but now I'm using scepter + dagger. I just like having two different weapons though staff is great in itself (fire staff's meteor rain looks great).
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