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August 29th, 2012, 18:23
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
Meh… Never actually cared for game mechanics as long as it's fun. And the game definetly looks like fun.

Thanks for the input. I despise paladin class, never played it in any game and where was available as a party member (BG for example) I always kept such character out of the party. And I'll do the same here. I guess I'll start the game on easy then, hehe

Almost forgot to add today's spam hit: Preordered!
First impression: The manual looks awsome.
I'm also not too keen on paladins but in this game they seem a little different.
Whereas the inquisitor looks like a kind of "anti hero" because you're ruthlessly torturing people to get confessions, killing hundreds with no mercy and overall being a major respected and feared figure, walking without opposition, the paladin is the opposite, fighting against the inquisition's injustice and being like an "inquisitor hunter" and not only a common do-gooder.
On the other hand, the thief looks to me like a "whatever" class, taking advantage of the situations that are thrown into his life, an opportunist per se.

This is my interpretation from what I've been reading (I have not played the game).
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