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August 30th, 2012, 18:45
Holy Cow! After I posted, I didn't realize several are playing it. I've been busy getting ready to shove the kids out the door next Tuesday I finally started the game yesterday even though I pre-purchased the game and played in one of the beta's.

I didn't know if anyone planned on getting a guild similar to DDO. I'm currently on Sanctum of Rall but might consider moving if Im bribedImean asked

I currently have a lowly Ranger and an engineer. Why an engineer? Lobbing bombs and shooting a pistol/rifle seems fun I have no idea how the engineer will play later on but I'll give it a shot. I always play a ranger but I'll have to see how the others stack up. In the first GW, I played a ranger through the original campaign but then started a Ritualist which I dearly loved.

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