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August 30th, 2012, 20:48
1) will it be pure turned based, like in ToEE?

Yes, the combat is turn-based but in contrast to ToEE it takes place on a hexagon grid. The exploration (moving through dungeons until the next combat takes place) and travelling over the worldmap is real-time without any kind of grid.

2) how does the combat system plays out? are you using your own system or something based on OGL?

Our combat system will be significantly influenced by D&D, D20 and Goldbox SSI games like Pool of Radiance (Stinking Cloud ftw!)

3) how many characters can your party have?

5 or 6 (+ 1 NPC slot)

4) are these characters created or will you meet characters that can join your party? will these be dead on the inside, or will they have their own personality and agenda (eg: may even betray you)?

You can create your own character(s) from the scratch with dices and you can recruit existing characters in the guildhall. Furthermore you will meet character who could probably join your party. Characters of the last category will have their own agenda and secrets.

5) from the screenshots I can see the game is isometric with fixed point of view, correct? will you be able to zoom in and out?

It's fully 3D and you can rotate and zoom the camera (zooming will be limited though)

6) will there be any major plot line with several side quests, or is the game an endless dungeon crawler?

Yes, there is an epic main story and we don't have any kind of random content, every item and dungeon is designed by hand.

Sounds very promising. I don't like the idea of seeing a hexagon grid during battles though. I hope they include an option to hide it. Everything else sounds great.
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