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August 31st, 2012, 01:42
Originally Posted by Firestorm View Post
I'd love to see these guys do a new infinity engine game, but I think bg3 would be a bad idea, I mean where do you go from being a lvl 40 god/demigod, maybe the should try making a entirely new D&D series, I think the would have the money/fanbase/rep for it if bg:EE and bg2:EE works out.
I can think of a few…

There's a new god out there, but [s]he lacks followers and needs heroes to spread the word and carry out h[er|is] goals, at least surreptitiously. Maybe [s]he is relegated to become the lesser city god[dess] of Baldur's Gate and take an interest in the affairs there? Besides, there's bound to be other deities out to squash a new rival and absorb h[er|is] divine power. Perhaps Imoen has a child who acquires some odd powers and is destined to become the divine avatar… perhaps.

How about this one: in order for the new deity to become a significant player in the pantheon, and not just a servant of other deities, [s]he must acquire a sustainable portfolio to attract followers. However, to do this successfully and avoid having other deities vying for the power, the deity must maintain secrecy about h[er|is] goals. (The portfolio could be something relevant, such as a theme of transformation, rebirth, or reformation. Maybe alchemy?) This is where the hero comes in: [s]he is selected to pursue this goal, which is kept secret but slowly revealed through divine visions. The character then adventures to gain an influence over the portfolio with the populace. As power is gained, the influence of the deity rises and provides the player with additional support. A cast of loyal followers is recruited through valorous (or wicked) deeds, a temple is paid for and built, rivals are battled with, and so forth.
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