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September 4th, 2012, 00:26
I think I'm starting to burn out with the game. I'm 28th level now, and it's just really bland to me. I mean, it has a nice flow in terms of combat and movement - and it looks and sounds pretty good. I like that they're trying to reward exploration and crafting - but nothing seems to really matter in this game.

After level 30, you pretty much only have traits to look forward to. Gear is boring and doesn't give you that feeling of power progression.

WvW is removed in an instance and doesn't really mean anything (beyond a few percentages of bonus stuff) - and it resets every 2 weeks. sPvP is ok - but is exactly like all the other modern themeparks - except there's no meaningful reward.

I find the zones too similar and none of the 6-7 I've seen so far stand out like the beautful zones did in WoW back then. They don't have a strong atmosphere and the music is average with limited variety.

I don't know… The entire game just seems so mainstream/accessible that there's really no way to excel or stand out.

Even without a sub fee - I don't see this game lasting very long.

Oh well….




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