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September 4th, 2012, 04:14
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
Also the first 'dungeon' opens at 30 (haven't been there yet though I'm 34 in my main, so don't know how good they are).
But yes, I knew this game wasn't going to be about 'character development', like other MMOs, but it's still a fun game to fool around with, and no monthly fee so that's ok with me.
The game is mostly about exploration, but I disagree that character development stop at level 30 (my main is 41). Unlocking skills isn't the character development in this game. The stats/skills/gear synergy is what matters.This mean that gear bonuses and traits lines affect your character a lot more than the weapon you use.

Not selecting the right utilities and increasing the right stats through the trait line to go along with your playstyle and weapon choice will screw your effectiveness.

As for the dungeons, my experience is limited to the Ascalon Catabombs story mode. You know those little veterans with a bronze circle around their "image". Well, I hope you can solo them when they are surrendered by a few trash, because the dungeons are filled with silver mobs as "trash" (harder than bronze veterans) and you can face between 2-4 at a time. The bosses are all gold champion (aka group event champion found in PvE). You are only 5 to tackle them. I don't really count the NPCs that goes with you, they tend to be more Leeroy Jenkins wannabe than anything else.
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