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September 4th, 2012, 17:07
Originally Posted by Zerotown View Post
Ah, but would the Spanish have considered themselves evil? I think not, since the colonization of South-America was (among other things) condoned and justified by the Catholic church. This is quite interesting from a roleplaying-perspecive, don't you think?
Actually, regarding your comment about the condoning and justification of the colonisation, things are not that simple and black on white. Obviously, the Church was happy with the spread of religion but many representatives of the Church were in fact appalled by the treatment of the indigenous people as was the Spanish Crown. Many policies and rules imposed by the Spanish Crown were not necessarily followed by the Spanish rulers in the New World.

The Spanish friar Antonio de Montesinos severely criticised the colonists and their treatment of the natives and had an active role in imposing laws that would in principle improve their situation.

Also, a quick Google search leads to an article that states how Columbus and the first Spanish colonists did not see eye to eye with the Spanish Crown and the Catholic Church.

As you can see, things are actually quite complex. But you are right in saying that there are plenty of good role play opportunities in a game that were to include all these complex issues and shades of grey.
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