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September 4th, 2012, 18:10
Originally Posted by Zerotown View Post
Ah, but would the Spanish have considered themselves evil? I think not, since the colonization of South-America was (among other things) condoned and justified by the Catholic church. This is quite interesting from a roleplaying-perspecive, don't you think?
Exactly. I think in the real world what we consider evil is generally done by people who feel perfectly justified in their actions. Rarely will such acts be committed as deliberate evil, e.g. acting in willfull violation of a set of moral values that are actually accepted within the group committing the "evil". What happens is that a society (or a group within, or even an individual), generally reacting to historical dynamics or specific circumstances, shifts its own value system in such a way that it can justify such acts based on a perceived overriding need or justification.

Which would mean that evil is only suffered, but never commited…
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