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September 5th, 2012, 00:53

Holy crap, that's pretty crazy…That's a VERY nasty game-breaking bug. I spent most of my day yesterday going through getting the 6 statues! That's like probably 5-10 hours of work!

I figured the front door trigger didn't open, but didn't realize til later that you needed ONLY the Stone in the wall, for the EARLIER quest - so you can bring the stone back to The Collector. I figured what I needed to make the "connection" WAS in The Temple - and was able to WALK around and up a mountain and into the area to where the Natives were.

Luckily, I do have a save right before hitting the island for the Temple (early on). Yeah, I do save a lot. Though, gonna take some time trying to try to mow and power through it - when I decide to actually do so; b/c now I'll need to get the tablet and then get the 6 statues.

I don't know how you can fix it or if you can - but if you can, I got a few ideas (Since I did have C++, back in college), if you can find the trigger that flips the switch in the game-code or something:

1. BLOCK the trigger for the LEVEL from actually being accessed UNTIL the player starts The God Reincarnation Quests (when they actually do NEED to flip the switch).
Could be the best way - as it stops any other things from happening - i.e. I read on a FAQ/Walkthrough, there's another cut-scene that can happen once you hit the JAIL area and the 2 NPC's talk to you on your channel.

2. Have the trigger to the LEVER automatically RESET itself to "Not used" (or probably 0), right when players actually do start The God Reincarnation Quest.
If you can't do idea #1, you might also reset the cut-scene that supposed to happen at the JAIL to 0 "as in it hasn't yet been used."
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