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September 5th, 2012, 06:33
ME3 did have some good to excellent moments, but to call it "one of the great pieces of computer game writing and world building" suggests a lack of critical thinking skills.

For example, all of those hoards of mutants that appeared out of the woodwork, or skies, or just plain thin air. Even the poorest quality horror or scifi movie would have made some effort, believable or not, to explain the presence of the mutants and how they connected to the Reapers. Were the Reaper ships just big flying mutant factories or what?

"Hey Scottie, we just finished another batch of mutants. Beam 'em on down to earth asap."

This alone makes the writing a far cry removed from greatness.

Maybe BioWare just thought that mutants worked great in DA:O so they should be acceptable in ME3? Who knows?

How about all of those menacing zombies from ME2? Where did they come from? And why did they essentially disappear in ME3? This can't be a great piece of computer writing without all of those zombies.

What happened to all of that scary people juice? You know, the people juice that was made by dissolving the people in the capsules. Were there a bunch of reaper creatures sitting around in those ships drinking people juice for nighttime cocktails? No wonder the Reapers didn't want the synthetics to eliminate organics! No more people juice.

Plenty of overly sappy scenes and over sappy music. Various boring fetch quests with no logical purpose except take up time.

And the horrible scary squid spaceships. Was there any functional purpose whatsoever in the design other than scary walking spaceship monsters? At least a small attempt at some purpose in the design would have gone a long way. Heck, even a single character saying "What's with the strange design of those reaper ships?" would have helped.

Why was the hoard focused on Earth. Were they out to get Shepard's mom, or what?

Numerous instances of shallow dialog. Numerous cinematic scenes that were just too long.

There were segments, and there were moments in ME3 that were indeed very good. But to say call it "one of the great pieces of computer game writing" is more than a bit over the top.

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