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September 5th, 2012, 09:10
Why are the people arguing so much against Conquistadors a game? When they're not doing the same thing for Inquisitor, a game ?

The Inquisition tortured thousands of people, forced the expulsions of tens of thousands more, for conversion on probably hundreds of thousands more. Yet, a game about that is ok it seems, since no one in this conversation seems to mind that.

The Inquisition period lasted for centuries too.
Yes, less people were harmed, but the principle is the same. The Inquisition did many bad things yet a game on it is ok. A game that even demands from you to torture people on different torture machines by the way….

Also, I'm implying you guys think it's ok, because you don't seem to post anything about it in those threads.

In reality they are both games. If all you think about is the principle then we should never play any action games. Shooters make you kill people for the entire game and usually it doesn't matter who is being shot at, but sometimes it does. Strategy games involve buidling up empires to utterly destroy others (see Age of Empires, Civilization,…). RPGs involve you killing every animal there is in the game world. If that's not bad for the innocent animals, then what is? PETA wouldn't be happy seeing you kill all the boars in Gothic 3 or cows and chickens for that matter. On top of that you usually have to choose a group to side with and end up killing most people of the other group.

Point of this post: Differentiate between games and real life, otherwise you seem to be nitpicking (if you're a gamer)
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