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September 5th, 2012, 23:40
I think that posting those videos was a great move and half of myself was convinced to donate. Now the other half though watches this game since the beginning of the time and knows about all the false promises and delays.

My personal two cents for the campaign to succeed:

1. Release a new demo together with a kickstarter. This will be way more then just promises. With a demo (I vaguely recall Corwin, mentioning ages ago on the site which is no more, that it's very long) even if you somehow didn't succeed in delivering, I'd personally consider the donation well spent as I will at least get something tangible. After all, Kickstarter is not a preorder service, as is nowadays perceived and I hope a few people still remember its true purpose.

2. Release a proper roadmap and try to stick to as much as possible. We, who watched the game, know how all beta, gamma, delta and omikron tests ended up - you've rewritten a whole parts of the game.

3. Keep everyone updated. Not in the year period, but rather in week period. This could help you stay on track in case you get necessary funding.

4. Prepare for the fact, that kickstarter campaign done right is hard and fulltime job. Just saying…

I presume that you are doing the kickstarter not for sake of getting money to finish it but to get a feeling of pressure to finally finish it. It's a great move but also I believe that even the most faithful fans are now a bit skeptical.

That's why I've posted this feedback which tries to be as little influenced by the past as possible.

Oh… And please don't put there ANY kind of stretch goals.
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