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September 6th, 2012, 05:03
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And they should cover news on console RPGs. I don't see why console RPGs are excluded. RPGWatch is a really great RPG news site, and has a great community of PC RPG players on this site, but console gamers are excluded for some reason. It wouldn't hurt to have a little console section for the few console-only RPGs that come out. Doing so would also probably increase your membership and views a little bit, since I know console RPG gamers like myself would love to have a site like this that covers console RPG news and has the same extensive forums and community that this site does. So, make it happen guys . It can only make your site even better!
Try RPGFan (NOT RPGamer). They have the most extensive RPG coverage I have yet seen. They include reviews and previews of games on all platforms (including PC) and even RPG soundtrack reviews. Their PC coverage is not just of the big boys like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Witcher, etc. but even the more esoteric indie ones you think you'd only find here, such as Eschalon, and popular classics such as the Infinity Engine games. They cover MMO's (Guild Wars II just recently) and even adventure games (Gemini Rue, Gray Matter are just two examples).

I do not know what their forums are like. I spend little to no time on forums at most sites, but the title of this one caught my eye. Plus, the arrogance and hubris shown by just a small handful of the regular posters here lends itself to a jolly ol' laugh after a tough day.
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