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September 7th, 2012, 10:04
@ Gorath:

The problem is that many people on this website used to actually look forward to this game and have lost complete trust in the developer. This is completely a personal issue.

I think few people doubt Mr Blakemore's programming capabilities, but they do not trust him.

This is the case for many reasons. Briefly :
- He has promised a game would be delivered at least 4 times before and hasn't delivered on those promises. So why should people believe him now ?
- He has taken a very arrogant tone to people explaining themselves on why they would not want to help fund his 18-year old game.
- He himself has said he has no motivation to finish this game.
- He has no other gaming credentials (AFAIK) that could relief him of the previous points.
- He disses someone who is explaining to him he is doing something wrong :
What all those other Kickstarter projects have in common is that they are talking about hypotheticals. My game is almost completed, which I am documenting with those videos on YouTube. It sounds like you would not be interested in Grimoire.
The fact remains that his game has been almost completed for the past 10 years.
- He talks about himself, implying that he is doing an amazing feat:
You probably don't quite understand what sort of accomplishment it is for a single person to write such a polished game by themselves. Look in the back of any manual for a similar game and you'll see the credits pages have about 20 or so names on them, most of those paid staff.

Again, just me. So a pretty amazing feat for one lone "nut" and the videos prove it.
There are many examples of games made my one people or very small teams that are/were very polished. Less nowadays, but pretending he is the only one doesn't help.
- He is asking for money from strangers and whenever he receives criticism, he self-aggrandizes himself to the point of comparison to Leonardo Da Vinci (who had proven himself with his previous work, unlike Mr Blakemore, just to note something quite important).

Basically, he needs to learn a lot of humility. He has taken the RPG-community on a 10-year run to chase him about the game and is now surprised people do not trust him ? The first thing he should have done was apologize to people who he's been stringing along.

As an aside: I used to follow this game too for a while. Why ? Because Corwin said Mr Blakemore was to be trusted. That the demo seemed really good and that the game was close to completion. Since then however I have seen probably 3 new release dates in the span of 4 years or so. It's very simple and I will reiterate the point I spelt out at first.

It's all about trust and Mr Blakemore has not cultivated any with most people.
So, no reason to give him ANY money.
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