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September 7th, 2012, 21:02
Originally Posted by LuckyCarbon View Post
6 PCs really is a magic number I think. Think of all the classics: Wizardry 8, JA2, Gold Box, etc, etc.
Wizardry 8 had 8 party members (two RPCs and 6 PCs…all of them controlled by the player). JA2 had 18 party members, split into 'squads' of no more than 6 (one of the weaknesses of the game IMO. Would have been a lot better to not limit squad size at all).

I find I hate NPCs, even if they're 100% the character I would have created anyway, I don't like taking them along. Something about the feeling they're stealing my XP and might just leave at any time so I'm always hesitant to give them any decent equipment. Games like KotOR or Drakensang where it's you + NPCs, I never feel the same attachment to the characters.
A problem in vanilla Wizardry 8 (and Baldur's Gate) I will grant you but this is easily fixable using Mad God's Cosmic Forge editor and removing the RPC's refusal to go to certain areas. In most CRPGs the RPCs are fully PCs and will not do anything you do not want them to do.
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